Currently we are on a shipping program with the US Postal office and or Fed Ex to save you money. All of our shipments are insured for replacement value. We ship our products daily and in most cases can fill and ship an order the same day that it has been ordered and paid for. Our daily cut-off time is 2:00 PM Est, so please get your orders in before this time so we can attend to it.

Our radio systems are shipped on a flat discounted rate level. This means that they are at a discounted level and are shipped at a one price level to the entire "lower" 48 US states. We do not charge for packaging or handling, so please understand we are not in the profit business when it comes to shipping. 

Radio console boxes are large and considered over-sized by the shipping companies, these are charged at a size to weight ratio rather than an actual weight rate as set by the shipping company. So please understand that even though the product may weight 8 pounds for instance, the size of the box yields are greater weight. 

We will combine smaller products with larger ones such as radio consoles to also reduce the shipping costs to you. 

We only purchase from quality brand name companies that offer a good warranty policy. All products manufactured by us at Rockin Radios, carry a full one years manufactures defect warranty. 
Components such as; Radios, speakers, switches, and LED products not manufactured by us also carry a one year repair or replacement warranty, with the first 30 days honored by us, and the balance of eleven months by the manufacturer. 
We provide all manufactures documents along with the products for you to complete to activate your warranty.

In the event you experience a problem with a product you have purchased from us we want you to call us first, as in most cases problems can be easily solved over the phone. We will attempt to talk you through the repair process first if possible to avoid timely and costly shipping.

We will gladly replace any non-working parts or components but require that the not working part(s) or component is returned to us first. You, the buyer are responsible for shipping to and from our factory.

We have designed our factory assembled systems to be user friendly both in operation and maintenance, so most any repair or replacement can be done on your end if necessary. If a unit must be returned for repair we will issue you a RMA number and you will be responsible to carefully package the unit, ( save the box is recommended )and ship it back to our factory where we will determine a repair or complete replacement is in order.

Now for the good part...Rockin Radios has been manufacturing quality electronic and electrical related products since 1983. We have and continue to strive to be the best at what we do. Our return and warranty program is almost non-existent compared to the amount of products we manufacture, purchase, and or sell.

Our company has no nor ever has had a complaint department, and we can be contacted Monday - Friday for what ever reason required, to tell us how much you like our products and services, or hopefully and most likely not so...We want to make any problems you may endure right and right fast! 

Now you can rest assured that when you purchase from Rockin Radios, you have done so with an American Manufacturing Company who really cares about our products and customers alike, as we have done for the past 33 years.

Thank you,
Anthony Gordon
President, Rockin Radios

Remember Our Phone Lines are There for You! 
Monday-Friday, 10:00 - 5:30 Est. (863) 699 1812