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Quad Pod with BOSS AM/FM Radio and KICKER Speakers

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Quad Pod with BOSS AM/FM Radio and KICKER Speakers
RZR Quad Pod w/ Kickers
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The most modest Priced 4 X Speaker System on the Market Made to the Highest in Quality Standards with High Quality Components!
Please put in notes if you have a 2 or 4 seat model.

We were the innovators of the Quad Pod beginning in 2014 offering the first quality and affordable 4 X speaker system for Polaris 900-1000 RZR's.

In 2018 we re-introduced our newest Quad Pod replacing the older version with a newer and fresher design, smaller in length and depth making it even better than the original.

Here are the General Specifications:
  • Outstanding stylish design mirrors the upper roll cage
  • Molded in durable ABS with a removable / sealed (accessible if required)
  • Raised grain black finish
  • Removable center pod
  • Waterproof radio cover
  • Marine grade speakers
  • 12" LED cab light bar
  • Detailed Dashboard 
  • Waterproof switchgear
  • Accessible main fuse
  • 12 volt charging receptacle
  • Use on 2 and 4 seat machines (please let us know which you have at the time of order)
  • One year factory parts replacement warranty*
  • Made in the USA!
  • BOSS AM/FM radio head unit
  • Bluetooth
  • USB, SD-Card, 3.5mm inputs
  • 4 X KICKER coaxial speakers (See "Options" for LED Lighted Kicker Speakers)
Summary; The KICKER Quad Pod is the perfect system for those who want a quality system and willing to pay just a little more. The sound quality of this unit is often said to be one of the best available, and many times better than others that cost twice as much and more. If you listen to country or rock, and even rap, you will be quite pleased with this system configuration.

* One year parts replacement warranty: We will repair or replace components that fail due to manufactures defects for the period of one year from the date of receipt. If a component or part fails we ask that you contact use by telephone so we can best determine the cause and possible over-the-phone solution, this save us both time and money. Many times something as simple as a fuse blows, or plug disconnects, and we can help go through a series of tests ahead of having to dismount the stereo system, open it up for repairs, or returning components. 

Your system has been designed for you to self-service and you can do so with our help. We are the only manufacture that offers this design and service. The unit has a removable center radio pod, this means that in the event you do have an issue with a radio head unit, only the pod needs to be removed and sent to us for repair or replacement. If there is an issue inside the console that requires the console to be dismounted, it has also been designed to be self-repaired featuring a removable back cover. 
All internal wiring is color coded to industry standard, and all points of power contacts have been soldered at our factory. If we deem a soldered part is defective we will send you a replacement with the color coded wires pre-soldered along with wire connectors so all that you would be required to do is remove the part, reinstall, and use the twist connectors to re-connect.

If a component must be returned to our factory we will issue you a RMA number to do so. You will be responsible to pack and cover shipping to and from our factory. Generally component manufactures take full responsibility for warranty repairs and replacements, however we know that can take allot of time to get your product back. In this process we take the warranty responsibility and we turn around problems almost immediately, with only the wait of shipping to and from. 

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