Installing or "mounting" a Rock'in Radios console is straight forward and relatively easy, requiring minimal mechanical skills. We invested much time and money engineering specific mounting methods for our Stereo Consoles. We have seen others and heard of the failures when mounting a console directly to the cage, and decided after much testing in rough conditions that the correct way to mount a system is to have a mounting system that the console mounts to, rather than strapping and screwing to a unit and the cage which places unnecessary stress points on the console.

Our systems are designed around the vehicle manufacturers roll cages and in some cases their own specific designed mounting plates that some manufactures have adopted. Either way we have designed our mounting systems and consoles alike to be able to be used with or without a factory roof in place.

Rock'in Radios is a self-contained factory with the ability to design and manufacture our products in-house, and not have to use or modify other products as so many others have no choice to do. Our methods and products are of our own design and make, and are tested and proven to be superior to many or most all others on the market.

Mounting kits are made up of machined aluminum, and or molded, formed, or CNC cut plastic (ABS) materials. They have been deigned to fit their application and also have been designed with a liberal amount of adjustment, "woggle-room" so there are no issues from one frame to another even if there are slight discrepancies.

Depending on your Side-By-Side will depend on the type, amount, and size of the mounting system required. When you purchase a specific unit you will automatically be sent the correct mounting system with it. When you purchase a UCON (new universal console), you will have the choice of many different mounting kits located in the "OPTIONS" box. Simply choose the one that corresponds with your machine make or model, and you can purchase the correct mounting system for that system and your machine, and will be sent along with your purchase. In cases such as the UCON, the base price has been lowered and depending on the mount system that difference will be displayed and added to your order. 

In some cases mount kits are sent is separate shipments (same day) due to their excessive sizes to be able to fit along with the console.