Here you can see our daily operation of Rockin Radios owned by parent company, Warehouse Hobbies Inc. 

We are not only Proud of our USA designed and manufactured line of Side-By-Side and Golf Cart stereo systems, we are equally proud of our employees and our factory where it all takes place, right here in the USA!

Take a tour of our facility and you will get an idea of how Rockin Radios in just 8 short years has taken the side-by-side and golf cart stereo market to a new level and have done so with high quality products at low prices. Simply put, we have been a production manufacture in the Toy and Hobby industry for over 30 years. Company owner Tony Castronovo started and continues to own and operate the company known world wide as; Warehouse Hobbies Inc. since day one in 1983.

Tony and his wife Pam have worked together in this company for over 25 years, and they too enjoy off roading with their personal UTV's. In 2010 Tony purchased a RZR 800 that had some sort of radio system in it of very poor quality. He traced the system to a small manufacture and saw that at the time only this one was offered. Knowing that his company could do a far better job designing, producing, and marketing systems as such he began to develop one for their 2008 RZR 800. From there they developed a couple models for golf carts, and then as the major UTV manufactures began to jump on the band-wagon, Rockin Radios followed closely developing a system for each and every one as fast as they came on the market. At current time Rockin Radios has nearly 30 units, and more on the way.

Tony's concept of design and marketing has been the same for nearly all of his efforts throughout his career. He designs and builds specific products that are to sell at lower costs, as well as more comprehensive and costly products, however he has always mirrored all of his ventures to remain at a price point in the low to mid range of an industry, but offer quality at that point that is not the norm for the  industry.  

Tony has mastered the art of manufacturing in many facets of production from metal works to plastics. He has designed, engineered, and brought to market literally hundreds of products over the decades, and is an accomplished mold and tool maker. He has always surrounded himself and his company with quality minded and able employees many superior to himself in similar fields of interests.

The company houses state-of-the-art equipment and machinery and has virtually no limitations on what can be made. One of the attributes that separates Warehouse Hobbies Inc. from most others is the fact that between Tony and crew, products can be designed, tested, and brought to market at speeds that are normally unheard of in the manufacturing world. This ability has always kept the company ahead of the competition and industry curve. Having the ware-with-all to control what we make and how we make it is why Warehouse Hobbies Inc. and its products has lasted the test of time.

Warehouse Hobbies Inc. has owned and operated many different manufactured products over the years, from the Toy and Hobby industry to the food industry, and many in between. Today 2018 Warehouse Hobbies Inc. has sold off all other interests and for the past 8 years has been designing and manufacturing for its line of Rockin Radios Stereo systems for the UTV and Golf Cart industry. The company DBA is rightfully known as; Rockin Radios.

Warehouse Hobbies Inc. is the sole owner of Rock'in Radios and today the small company of 6 full time employees produces over 2000 stereo systems annually. 

Warehouse Hobbies Inc. factory is located in lake Placid Florida. The complex is made up of three buildings that total over 10,000 sq'. Tony had designed and built the buildings beginning in 1993 specifically to house and manufacture specific machinery, with dedicated locations for each division.

Machines in operation 2018:
CNC Routers (2), CNC Laser Cutting machines (3), Thermo-forming machines (3), CNC milling machines (1), Custom cutting equipment (3), Drilling machines (2), 3D printers (1), 3D engraver machines (1), Injection molding machines (1), CNC plasma cutting machines (1).

Tooling & Molds:
All molds and tooling is designed and manufactured in our facility using multiple machining methods inclusive of hand finishing. 

Please scroll through some of our daily factory photos to get a better understanding of how our company operates, and why you can count on receiving a quality system for your machine.
We hope you enjoy our little history and tour, and don't be afraid to give Pam or Tony a call, they would love to help you decide what system would suit you best.

Warehouse Hobbies Inc. / DBA Rockin Radios is located at: 1180 County Road 621 East, lake Placid Florida 33852. Our factory is open Monday - Friday 10:00-5:30 Est.